Zoe Moon

Zoe Moon

Zoe moon er en uavhengig produsent, vokalist og illustratør. Hun er født i Nederland, men bor nå i Storbriatania.

Hun liker mange sorter musikk, og produserer i flere, som RnB og Drum and Bass. Foruten å skrive låter selv, samarbeider hun mye med andre, og er featured på kanaler som Monstercat, Liquicity og MrSuicideSheep

Phloem - Pathos (ft. Zoe Moon)

Hun har også gitt oss en fantastisk selvintroduskjon på engelsk:

“What’s up everyone? I think it’s the moon… 🌙”.


aka “Zoe-Monde” PRAETÈSÈREX / 2K18

ZOE MOON, originally logged in from the Netherlands and started her adventure as a travelling bard, eventually finding her way to the United Kingdom where she has made her current lunar base. She crafts beats and records lullabies, both solo and in collaborations.

Rameses B - Venus (ft. Zoë Moon)

Training as an Acolyte Illustrator is a way for her to bring joy all the realms, not only through woven auditory experiences but visual wizardry as well. Conjuring up minor, looping illusions on a mission to spread chill vibes through technicolour dream waves.

The myth and legend of ZOE MOON’s siren song is proven throughout the realm of the internet, having made waves through labels such as Monstercat & Soulvent Records, and channel features plenty including; MrSuicideSheep & Liquicity.

Zoe Moon - Beautiful Ghost (Prod. by AK)

As a young noob, she spent many nights under the pixel-generated moon of World of Warcraft, and with a nostalgic smile she reminisces about how she found a home there, one that would lead to many friends, inspirations and even love. She admits to having spent many hours playing games as a means of escape and companionship, enjoying titles such as; The Legend of Zelda, League of Legends, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars, Catherine and Persona 5. A gaming habit that blossomed in her work, allowing the imagery and captivating stories to inspire paintings and poetry that would ultimately carve her musical path for the future.

ZOE MOON has never before travelled to the lands of Norway, but she is an avid fan of LAN parties, all things games and cosplay. She can not wait to meet everyone at Hordalan 2018 and sends her love, from the moon and back.